Your Book is Going on a Tour Around the Globe!

Houses of Parliament. Les Miserables. Big Ben.

First destination: London. The busy streets and pleasing personality of locals is enough to make you want this visit to never end. London’s also home to the book fair with the same name – the London Book Fair.

The London Book Fair is regarded by many as the most important spring publishing event and welcomes tens of thousands of attendees from all over the globe. Capitalize by exposing your book to key industry contacts like acquisitions agents, editors, and translation rights agents.

Hold on. We’re just getting started. You’re in for a year of fun!

The Statue of Liberty. Times Square. Broadway.

Welcome to the “city that never sleeps.” New York City! On the menu is all of the adventures above and an opportunity to take on BookExpo America (also known as BEA).

Every year BEA welcomes over 100,000 international attendees, authors, publishers, agents, and buyers. While the attendance is international, the focus is distinctly American, with American books, publishers, and authors receiving the main interest. Participation in this fair can get your book into the hands of an important contact that can further launch your career as an author. What can be better than taking in great sights and marketing your book?

That’s not all…

Emperor Hotel Bar. Shichahai Lakes. The Legation Quarter. 

That’s right. BEIJING! There are plenty of sights and sounds to drive your senses wild with excitement. And what else is in Beijing? One of the world’s largest book fairs – properly named the Beijing Book Fair.

No other country has experienced the increase that China has on the world marketplace, and the readership in China represents an enormous opportunity (and gap that needs to be filled) for translations and publishers seeking to feed the frenzy. It’s the perfect place for your book to get the exposure it deserves.

The journey doesn’t end there!

Stadel Museum. Palmgarten. German Film Museum.

Final destination: Frankfurt. Your trip ends with a stop in the location of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Foreign rights sales and distribution beyond the shores of America take center stage in here, and each year, over 250,000 publishing professional and industry insiders converge on this event. Authors can plan to reach over 50% more international publishers than at BEA or other fairs.

Wow! What a ride!

Wouldn’t it be the opportunity of a lifetime to exhibit your book at all of the above fairs: London, BEA, Beijing, and Frankfurt? Even if you can’t travel to these locations personally, we can help you with achieving that dream (and possibly getting book sales and foreign rights negotiations out of the deal).

Our Global Book Tour is the perfect fit for the busy author who still desires representation at these fairs around the globe. Click here to learn more or reserve your space at the four book fairs today!

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