St. Cloud State University Student Explores Opportunites in Self-Publishing

Authors come from all walks of life. Some are children, some are parents, some are retired, while some are at the height of their careers. The inspiration to write a book usually sparks from life experience.

Cognitive Science and H. Rationalism by Thierry P. AmisiThierry P. Amisi is a student. Not only is he a student of life, but he’s a student in life. What’s special about Thierry? He published his first book while attending St. Cloud State University. According to an article written by  University Chronicle (the college’s newspaper), it was in class that his idea for Cognitive Science and H. Rationalism was born. Talk about making the most of life experience!

Thierry and others like them offer up life’s pudding as proof that anyone in any circumstance can write a book – as long as you have focus and determination.

So what is his book about? We think he sums it up rather well…

“New insights come last. Research and succinct brainstorming are second. The first of all is curiosity. Is there anything that is as pleasant as the state of being curious?

A concise contrast between the meaning of a reflection and the one of a concept is: every concept is a reflection, but not every reflection is a concept…”

It’s about the rationale of the human mind in all of its intricacies.


Thierry P. AmisiBorn in The D. R. Congo [Central Africa], Thierry P. Amisi came to the united States as an international Student [in 2008, August]. In 2009, he moved to Rochester, where Dr. Richard and Dr. Jane Rodeheffer, his host-parents, Stephen, Luke and Peter, his host brothers reside, to live with his host family.

Thierry also attended Rochester Community and Technical college (RCTC) within this period of time, the school that he describes as to be: “Truly inspirational.” In 2010, thanks to dedication and hard work, Thierry Qualified and was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society that strives to encourage and to intellectually support potential scholar students throughout the United States and the world. After his induction in Phi Theta Kappa, Thierry was elected as the Director of public relationship for the Omicron Chapter at RCTC: “This was an amazing experience for me because I learned how to effectively work in group and succeed. How to do research and to create concrete hypothesis. I too, made lots unforgettable friends.”

After the completion of his associate degree at RCTC (in 2011), Thierry transferred to St. Cloud State University, where he is currently seeking to get his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Thierry enjoys doing many other things besides writing including: playing soccer, volunteering, swimming, hanging out with friends and taking time to learn new things.

Ready to take action and publish your story?


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