Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Mr. / Ms. Right: An Endangered Species? by Roy A. Barry and Nazira K. Barry

Self-publishing a book is an exciting undertaking. Because we understand the dedication that is required to write a quality book, we like to feature our top authors each week so that you can get to know a little bit more about them and their book. This week, we are featuring Roy A. Barry and Nazira K. Barry’s Mr. / Ms. Right: An Endangered Species?.

In their latest book, self-publishing Outskirts Press authors, Roy A. Barry and Nazira K. Barry, help individuals sort out for themselves the myths of Mr. and Ms. Right and instead work on finding or improving real and satisfying working relationships in the day-to-day world.

The book starts with the common sense notion and simple truth that in a relationship, each partner’s view of himself or herself often determines the overall quality of their relationship with each other. The Barry’s guidebook helps individuals acknowledge, resolve and come to terms with their own emotional baggage so that it has less of an effect on their finding, building or sustaining a healthy relationship.

Their manual is practical, not abstract. The authors offer a series of drills, exercises, brain teasers, questionnaires and quizzes, along with worksheets, that help keep each participant’s focus directed as they explore themselves and their relationships. These exercises provide essential information, promote discussion and assist in addressing many of the difficulties that are common to today’s relationships.

By genuinely and thoroughly evaluating themselves, partners are given a better sense of direction and an ability to more fully recognize both functional and dysfunctional behavior. Consequently, they can be more realistic and more honest about not only the status of their relationships, but also the future prospects for them.

While noting that there are significant physiological and social differences between the genders, the Barrys also recognize the fundamental question remains: “Why can’t we just get along?” Their new guide offers a number of practical tools for partners so that they can “get along,” and “get along” well.


Roy A. Barry is a Professor of Sociology at Miami Dade College and holds a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Northern Colorado, a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Economics from the University of Miami.

Nazira K. Barry is a Professor of Psychology at Miami Dade College. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Thomas University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science from Barry University.

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  1. Hello Elise,

    Thank you for your Spotlight of Mr. / Ms. Right … Unfortunately, we found it on August 12th while surfing. Nonetheless, we are interested in some of your awards contests and plans to enter soon.
    Would appreciate any helpful tips relative to this endeavor. Again, thanks for the spotlight, it is quite motivating.

    Roy and Nazira

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