Comics, Graphic Novels Thrive in Free Self-Publishing Environment

Creative types continue to think outside the box in their work, and they’re applying that inherent craftiness to the art of task their vision into paper and ink. That’s precisely why self-publishing has exploded in recent years–and why independent publishing is actually old news to some.

CBS Miami reports that, as of late 2010 more than 133,000 authors were self-published, up dramatically from just 51,000 self-published authors in 2006. Almost no genre has embraced the freedom and excitement of independent publishing as thoroughly as that timeless American standard: comic books.

According to LA Weekly, the self-publishing route has long been the norm in the comic book realm, where writers and artists have struggled to get respect from traditional publishing houses. For example, millions of parents who glommed onto “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in the 1980s probably had little idea that Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael first drew breath in the fertile mind of a publishing do-it-yourselfer. The series’ unprecedented success all began with a great idea and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Self-publishing, it turns out, is the ideal format for authors and artists, whose unique talents thrive best in an environment where they have the most creative control. When publishing independently through self-publishing service providers like Outskirts Press, artists and comic book creators have the leeway they need to create page sizes and shapes, layouts, color schemes and other formatting that best conveys both the visual and the verbal aspects of their stories.

In addition to creative freedom, there are other well-documented advantages of self-publishing, regardless of genre:

  • Keeping more of your earnings
  • Lower production costs
  • Control over pricing
  • As much or as little assistance as you choose
  • The power to move forward independently, without a publishing house contract

Self-published authors are discovering what Outskirts Press already knows: With greater freedom comes greater freedom of thought–and great creativity. If runarounds from big publishing houses are holding you back, get started and put yourself in charge!

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