Outskirts Press Authors Get Noticed as an Award-Winning Author with Readers Favorite Award Submission

Are you looking to gain notoriety as a successful self-published author? The best path to success in writing is to become an award-winning author. With our Readers Favorite Book Award Submission, you have an opportunity to not only gain that notoriety but also receive additional free targeted book marketing services/promotion.  If your book has a copyright of 2011 or 2012, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss!

So what do you get when you win? In addition to the ability to promote your work as an “award-winning” book, you get critical exposure on both the Readers Favorite and Outskirts Press award channels — in addition to the following:

  • Award-Winning Author Recognition — Each winner/finalist will be able to promote themselves and their book as an award-winning author and award-winning book, respectively. We make it easy by offering authors many options for to enhance their book covers and online presence upon winning an award.
  • Readers Favorite Award Submission by Outskirts Press
    Is your book an award-winning book?

    Medal Award Ceremony and Media Coverage — Winners and finalists are invited to the Readers Favorite Medal Award Ceremony during the week of the Miami Book Fair International, the largest book fair in the nation. The street fair will feature hundreds of booths manned by authors, publishers and other literary professionals. Readers Favorite will have a full booth all three days of the street fair where they will display all the winning books from to hundreds of thousands of visitors. Authors who are able to attend the event may bring books for sale at the booth.

  • Book Review and Critique — All entrants receive a complete book review which will be posted on the Readers Favorite website, Barnes & Noble, Google Books and Facebook (unless your book has already been reviewed by the Readers Favorite team).
  • Display of your Book Cover, Summary and Award Image on Readers Favorite Website — Winners and finalists will be featured on Contest Results Page via a link under the search box at the top left of every page on the Readers Favorite website.
  • Professional, High Distribution Press Release — Both Readers Favorite and Outskirts Press announce the results of the competition through premium press releases and blog posts sent to a variety of media contacts and other authors.

The best (and easiest) part is: we can handle all of the submission details for you, including: sending a copy of your book to the judges, paying your award submission fee, and completing the entry forms for you (for two categories). This all comes with our Readers Favorite Book Awards Submission option.

Click here for details or to reserve your spot now. Don’t wait – the deadline for consideration for this year’s award program is Friday, April 27, 2012.

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