Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Highway Odyssey by Alexander Flint

Self-publishing a book is an exciting undertaking. Because we understand the dedication that is required to write a quality book, we like to feature our top authors each week so that you can get to know a little bit more about them and their book. This week, we are featuring Alexander Flint’s Highway Odyssey.

In his latest book, self-publishing Outskirts Press author, Alexander Flint, reinforces for readers what really matters in life and how important it is to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us.

Flint’s first trip was in 1978 when he and his seven year old his son set out in their customized van to drive from New York to Colorado with their eyes set on the adventures of the road. Little did either know that that first summer trip would start a twenty year tradition that would make Flint’s son eligible for setting a Guinness world record. Nor did they realize how close these treks would bring them to each other.

Highway Odyssey tells of treacherous moments, such as when father and son backpacked across the snowfields of the Grand Tetons and had to climb over a closed mountain pass to reach Hurricane Pass and then descend down into the Alaska Basin. It also reveals moments of candid introspection and consequent revelation, such as the trip that should have been merely a short visit with old friends, but turned instead into an unexpected increase in understanding by the author of his role and his responsibility as a single parent still struggling with the failure of his marriage.

Flint’s tale is far more than a fascinating travelogue of the western United States, although it is that, too. It also reveals the healing power of travel itself as well as the unyielding strength of family bonds forged on the road.


Alexander Flint is a native New Yorker and retired New York City high school teacher. He is also a retired military officer, having served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. His previous books are The Frozen Dozen (Rutledge Books, 2002) and Stress Survival (Xlibris, 2006). Flint edited his father’s memoirs, The Way It Was: From Second Avenue to Staten Island (Xlibris, 2005). The father of five children and six grandchildren, Flint lives on Staten Island, New York, and Hollywood Beach, Florida.

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