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The “New” 4G iPad (iPad 3) went on sale recently and Apple announced that it had a “record weekend” in terms of units sold. What does that mean? Well, it is estimated that the original iPad sold about 300,000 units over its opening weekend, and over one million in the first month. Then, when the iPad 2 was unveiled, business analysts estimated that Apple sold one million iPad 2s on its launch weekend.

So for Apple to have a “record weekend” for the iPad 3, that means even more than one million new units were sold in its first weekend. Though we may never know specific numbers, sales of the new iPad were high enough for Apple to announce a first-ever stock dividend for investors.

Imagine leveraging all that press, all those iPads units, and all those readers into more readers for YOUR book…

Now you can when you combine a top-of-the-line publishing package from Outskirts Press with their exclusive Enhanced iPad/iPhone Premium E-book Edition.

And you’ll save over $200 off the iPad Edition a la carte price when you start publishing today with our Diamond or Full-Color Pearl service with the promotion code: iPad2012PP

(Already published with Outskirts Press? You can save 20% on your iPad edition, too. Just click here.)

If you’ve been on the fence about starting (or completing) your e-Book offerings, now is the time to take action while publishing a high-quality paperback or hardback edition at the same time.

Today you can save over $200 when you publish with the Diamond or full-color Pearl package and then add the iPad/iPhone Enhanced E-book edition to your services.

Here’s what you get when you start publishing to the iBooks bookstore today with this exclusive offering from Outskirts Press:

• Greater exposure for your book. The more outlets where your book is available for sale, the greater the chances that your book will be discovered by potential readers.

• 100% profits. Apple will take 30% but you keep the remaining 70%.

• Full control over your retail price. Frustrated with your hardcopy pricing? E-book pricing is more flexible.

• Your own Private Label Imprint and Bowker-Approved ISBN. You become your own publisher with a unique ISBN and Publishing Imprint for your iPad/iPhone e-book edition.

• Publishing freedom and independence. Your iPad e-book edition exists completely independently of any hardcopy versions of your book published with Outskirts Press.

• Royalties are not split with Outskirts Press. Just like with our Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook  book options, authors receive ALL the profit of their sales directly from the source (in this case, Apple).

• You receive the final EPUB converted file. It’s yours to pursue other distribution channels independently of Outskirts Press.

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