Do You Want to Self-Publish but Don’t Have Funds Right Now?

One of my fellow bloggers wants to publish a book but she has three hurdles to overcome:

1) She doesn’t want to worry about interior design, cover design, and all that stuff required by those DIY places.

2) She already has a full-time job. She just wants her book published.

3) She doesn’t have the spare cash to pay for full-service book publishing and marketing expenses.

Maybe you are facing the same situation?

Chances are that many of you could use the option of publishing your book now and paying for it later.

Outskirts Press has now included Paypal’s Bill Me Later service on their checkout page as a payment option. Bill Me Later services allow you to make a purchase now and pay later, and can be used at various outlets, including eBay.

In this recessionary economy, many retail companies are providing a simple solution to a typical problem faced by consumers – lack of liquid cash. Most customers that are interested in purchasing necessary long-term products and services do not have the required cash for it.  For authors falling into this category, Outskirts Press provides the solution.

What does this mean for you as a writer?

You can now purchase high-quality, full-service book publishing and book marketing options without paying anything upfront. Outskirts Press has incorporated this facility into their secure online shopping cart, along with the already available options of paying securely by credit card or by check or money order. With Paypal’s “Bill Me Later” funding option, you can order now and pay later, via installments orchestrated via PayPal.

So you can get full-service, high-quality self-publishing and book marketing services today without any upfront costs. Does that sound like a good deal?

(As with any other purchase now and pay later services, you might have to pass the first credit check, as suggested on Bill Me Later page and as conducted securely by PayPal, so please consult their FAQ before using this option)

So, are you ready to self-publish the easy, full-service, high-quality way?

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2 thoughts on “Do You Want to Self-Publish but Don’t Have Funds Right Now?

  1. Chandrakant,

    Bill Me Later is a payment plan faciliated by PayPal and an authors’ ability to participate depends upon your credit rating, although authors from countries other than the United States are going to have a harder time, but you can begin the approval process by adding your publishing services into your shopping cart from Outskirts Press at and then choosing payment option B during check-out. Once your credit approval is approved by PayPal for their Bill Me Later program, you can use Payment Option B for any purchases made through your Outskirts Press shopping cart, including editing.

  2. To,Management Team, Outskirt Press,
    Is this scheme available to writers temporarily? If yes, what are the deadlines for this scheme,” Bill me later’.?
    Is it available for Indian citizens? If yes, what will be the amount on credit check to be submitted to Paypal?
    Do this scheme includes ‘editing and punctuating’ charges by Outskirt?

    Chandrakant Deshpande,

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