How to Publish an iBook

By popular demand: Introducing the Apple e-book option for the iPad and iPhone!

Doesn’t your book deserve to be read by over 70 million iPad/iPhone users?

The new iPad/iPhone Premium Edition with Private Label iBooks Distribution from Outskirts Press allows you to reach this large (and constantly growing) market with enhanced, independent distribution of your book through Apple’s exclusive iBookstore.

  • You receive your own unique ISBN just for your Apple e-book
  • You receive Private Label publishing in YOUR name
  • You receive the final .ePub file to keep and use
  • You receive 100% of the net royalties directly from Apple (that’s 70% of whatever retail price you set)
“In the beginning, I looked at working directly with Apple myself on this project. After reviewing everything that was involved; time and money, it was clear that I was way ahead, once again, letting you, the experts handle it all for me.You and the rest of the team members at Outskirts Press know all of the ins and outs involved in each step of the publishing process and that holds true for iBook publishing with Apple as well. You make it so easy to do business with you. All I have to do is make a decision as to which of my publishing dreams I want to accomplish and you and the team at Outskirts Press make it come true. “

David A. Koop, author of Cancer: It’s a Good Thing I Got It!

This option provides the simplest, most convenient, one-click solution for publishing your book as a iPad/iPhone ebook with full distribution on Apple’s iBookstore in YOUR NAME. Sure, other places may offer a “submission service” but they take all the control of your book, demand changes to the file/copyright page, use their ISBN, and take a portion of your money, too.

Imagine having an electronic edition of your book (in full-color for Pearls!) where the retail price (and your royalty) was not so dependent upon the book’s length. That 100 page full-color book can retail for $9.95 as an Apple e-book and still be in glorious full-color! It’s great for black/white books, too.

Outskirts Press will handle all of the submission details for you, including creating an ePub file (which you get to keep and use in your own marketing efforts) and registering your own eBook ISBN. The only you thing you are responsible for is keeping the money.

Click here to publish an iBook Apple e-book today for the iPad and iPhone.


Carol A. Bender left a more lucrative profession in real estate
to pursue a calling in human services. She has worked with abused and neglected children for more than ten years. The roles of teacher/student were often interchangeable. Carol hopes to empower children to think for themselves and use sound judgment. Carol followed her heart and now experiences more joy and wealth than she ever did before. Living in a rambling old farm house with her husband Eric, who she affectionately refers to as Captain Chaos, they are following their dreams of owning a bed & breakfast. Happy to have her grandchildren nearby and plenty of farm animals to keep her company, she shares her adventures, creative process, and much more on her blogs.

“Outskirts Press published my first picture book very fast with constant contact with my representative. I love all the choices given. My marketing opportunities are outstanding with Outskirts Press versus any other sel publisher. I have just begun to see my book take off and I am already doing public readings for children. I am well on my way!”

– Carol A. Bender, author of Picky Eater, That Peter

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