Co-op Advertising for Self-Publishing Authors in Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly reaches over 80,000 booksellers, publishers, public and academic librarians, wholesalers, distributors, agents, and writers in addition to more than 360,000 unique monthly website visitors with a color ad in the “most visible and trusted publication to market your products and services.”

You can reach this influential readership
with a Co-Op advertisement.

Outskirts Press handles all the details for its authors.

Co-Op Advertising allows you to secure premium, full-color exposure for your book in a high-quality trade publication for a minimal amount of money. Your book will occupy a 2″ x 2″ space along with other Outskirts Press titles within a full-color ad. Your ad space will include a full color cover image, an abbreviated synopsis, the ISBN, and retail price of the book. All books will include retail and wholesale ordering information.

Here’s the full-color author co-op ad that appeared in the July 25th issue of the Publishers Weekly:


To get more information and reserve your space in a Publishers Weekly Co-Op Ad, sign-in to your Publishing Center. Outskirts Press published authors can order this option conveniently at any time. Reservations for Outskirts Press published authors are taken on a first-come first-served basis based upon receipt of payment.
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2 thoughts on “Co-op Advertising for Self-Publishing Authors in Publishers Weekly

  1. I am seeking credit, funding, or loans from relatives and friends to help me get “My Journey Through The University of Motherwit” into print, reviews, publication and distribution. My autobiography is both a tribute to wisdom from my late grandmother, a White House advisor to three Democratic presidents, learning to read newspapers at 4 years, and effectively, World War II, which planted the talent to become a gifted journalist and spend 41 years after leaving high school succeeding at high-profile job without getting a bachelor’s degree.

    First, I want to discuss either the possibility of (1) getting an advance after you read my nearly-finished book (2) learning what sources you might suggest for borrowing enough money to get your Diamond Package, including a global schedule of interviews highlighting “teaser” revelations I will include to generate public curiosity. (BE ADVISED: I am also searching on my own to get prominent media hosts for interviews, which will mostly generate: “I will try my best” responses, but the nature of all of the revelations were the result of actions to avoid further bloodshed and mayhem during the 1960s.)

    I will turn 75 in December, so despite my desire to become a great-grandfather before then, my family genes may not be a fabulous as I hope.

    Further consideration of my request is the belief that I can allot as much at $200 monthly, widthdrawn electronically after my Social Security allotment is deposited af the third full week of every month.

    Please call me, rather than e-mail. My land-line at home is the only number. It is 903-328-5858, and you can leave a message — but I prefer returning calls to a land-line from whomever is assigned to be my advisor.

    Leroy Thomas, Ph.D.

    1. NOTE TO WEBMASTER: Please revise I will turn 75 — to read: I turned 75 in 2011, so despite… AND ALSO; “before then…” to “….before 2020… or add a link to enable me to make changes. Thanks
      Leroy Thomas, Ph.D

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