Introducing the Apple iPad/iPhone Edition

Introducing the Apple iPad/iPhone Premium Edition with Private Label iBooks Distribution option, exclusively for Outskirts Press authors.

Yes! It’s finally here! Outskirts Press authors now have the easiest, most convenient method available to get their books onto the Apple iPad and into iBooks distribution under their own name.

    • You receive greater exposure for your book. The more outlets
      where your book is available for sale, the greater the chances that your book will be discovered by potential readers. Apple claims to have sold over 70 MILLION iPads already.
    • You have full control over your retail price. Apple will take 30% and you keep the remaining 70%.
    • You become the publisher. You receive your own Private Label imprint and Bowker-approved ISBN — unique for your iPad/iPhone ebook edition, registered with Bowker in YOUR name. In essence, you become the publisher of your Apple ebook edition. We simply do everything for you behind the scenes and you collect all the glory and all the money. Your Apple ebook edition exists completely independently of any versions of your book published with Outskirts Press.
    • Royalties are not split with Outskirts Press. Just like with our Amazon Kindle option, authors receive ALL the profit of their sales directly from the source (in this case, Apple). Of course, Apple will take their share, but your profit will be directly deposited into your checking account by Apple, withou any involvement by (or portion for) Outskirts Press. In other words, your Apple ebook sales are YOUR Apple ebook sales.
    • You receive the final EPUB converted file.It’s yours to pursue other distribution channels independently of Outskirts Press (like the Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble Nook).In the future, Outskirts Press may also make this service available for authors who haven’t published with Outskirts Press for a slightly higher price, but for now, it is available only when you publish with Outskirts Press.

      Start publishing today by clicking here.

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I am 60, married, with two children. I live on Long Island,
New York. I work as a custodian in a local school district
and public library. I also worked as a computer salesman
for over 25 years. I spent four years in the Air Force,
as a jet mechanic. During my service, I did a one-year
tour in Thailand. I am someone who puts passion and hard
work into whatever I do. I enjoy reading a wide variety
of books. My writing includes, romance, science fiction,
and mystery. I have been writing for 8 years.

“I could not be happier with your company. The attention
was great, as if I was the only one being published.”

– Chip Becker, author of My Not Forgotten Star

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Apple iPad/iPhone Edition

  1. I have three books already published by Outskirts and a fourth in production . What do i have to do to get them on to Apple Ipad ? I have them in Kindle, so would this be marketing over-kill? Does Outskirts provide the NOOK service with B&N?
    Charles L. Fields

    1. Hi Charles,

      It’s easy to order the new iPad service for your three published books. Simply go to the Marketing Options screen in your Publishing Center at (you may have to select from among your books first). You’ll find this new option under the Add Your Special Editions category.

      Then, when your fourth book is published, you can add the iPad edition for that one, also.

      This new option includes receiving the EPUB file, which is also the file the B&N Nook uses. So you can pursue that device platform independently. Or you can wait for our option; we also plan on introducing a Nook option, too, hopefully before the end of the year.

      Outskirts Press

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