Have you heard the term “all publicity is good publicity”? Well, for authors who are wanting to maintain a good reputation, that’s not necessarily true. Your publicity efforts should match the brand you are portraying. On the same token, you should try to go after all of the “good publicity” you can get your hands on. Things such as Virtual Book Tours, PR Campaigns, etc. can really help you get in front of your audience. What if you can be featured on a popular radio show? Wouldn’t that be good publicity?

If you think about it, listening to a radio show interview is the next best thing to seeing your favorite celebrity on TV. Authors can be celebrities, right? How can you find such an opportunity? The best way is to use online radio — more specifically, Blog Talk Radio.

You can sign up for your own show and offer advice to the listening community. Or, you can “visit” an already popular show and make your mark on their audience. The best part is – you can actually do both, and it is recommended that you explore all of the possibilities available to you.

Here are some reasons that online radio shows are effective:

  • There are a wide variety of hosts/topics on online radio.
  • Online radio doesn’t have to abide by the same censorship rules as “over the air” radio.
  • Online radio hosts are more likely to give unknown authors a chance.
  • More people are turning to online radio as they can listen to exactly what they want to hear without interruptions (i.e. commercials).
  • Online radio shows often archive their episodes for later viewing if desired.

Now that you know why radio shows are good promotional tools, we have a quick poll for you that will help us decide whether to offer a Blog Talk Radio Interview slot marketing option.

Please feel free to share any additional thoughts in the comments section below. We certainly appreciate your feedback.

Are you ready to get published so that you can have a say in what marketing options are available to you and your book?

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