In his latest book, self-publishing Outskirts Press author, William C. Rice, tells a story readers will appreciate and learn from. The insights offered in his tale of boys growing up while grappling with this harsh, manly world and learning how to silently endure the pain of endless competitions is one that will touch many hearts.

In this young male world of heavily Brylcreemed hair and t-shirt sleeves rolled up over the vulnerable flesh of upper arms, life sometimes seemed an endless succession of these challenging noogie circles, but the winners always received the highest badges of courage as they learned to endure pain without wincing or voicing complaints.

A fascinating day to day account of the macho activities of these boys working so hard to become men, Noogie Circles is also a memoir with lessons for all readers — male or female — about the nature of the culture of these times.





William C. Rice is a retired Marriage, Family, Child, and Individual Psychotherapist. He was the Founder and Director of the Center for Counseling and Therapy in Fresno, CA, and is a Professor Emeritus (Ret.) of California State University in Fresno. He holds a PhD. from Brigham Young University.

Dr. Rice regularly appeared as “The Family Therapist,” on the local ABC affiliate’s morning show in Fresno and he hosted his own, Open Forum Family Therapy PBS affiliate program in Fresno. He is also the author of Notes From Happily Ever After and The Development and Expression of Interpersonal Emotio

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