Today we’re excited to be joined by Nicole Sarkin (from Pacific Book Review) who will be discussing the the importance of self-publishing authors obtaining professional book reviews:

Why Authors Should Get a Professional Book Review

By: Nicole Sorkin

The primary goal for a respectable book review service is to help you succeed as an author and provide honest, professional book reviews for their clients.  Book review services are just another avenue for the author, publicist, publisher, or literary agent to successfully market your book to its fullest potential.  It’s important for authors to get as many reviews as possible for their book.  One of the most effective ways to promote your book is to have a professional book review from a reliable source.  Having a book review helps lend credibility to not only the book but also to the author; resulting in having prospective buyers more inclined to purchase your book.  Book reviews are very affordable, especially given the exposure that authors receive from them.

Many different types of books are sold via the Internet. Of course, online web-based promotion is a great way to advertise.  Most creditable and reputable review companies also will place the review on their website once it has been completed.  Potential customers will have the ability to purchase your book on that particular reviewer’s website.  This is another portal for selling your book, and having a link to your website increases web traffic.  In addition, some review companies will post your review in multiple places, such as Amazon, or Barnes & Noble and many other places to help you get the desired exposure your book needs.

Once your review is completed you own the rights to your review.   You can use any part of it for your promotional materials as long as you credit the source.

We recommend including an excerpt of your review:

  • On the cover of your book, website, blog, and other marketing materials.
  • Post and distribute the review at your book signings.
  • In your press kit to gain media attention.
  • Send copies of the review in your email newsletters.
  • Post it to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ezine Articles, Authors Den, GoodReads, MySpace, etc. (Pacific Book Review automatically posts the review on these sites and many more.)

Nicole Sorkin

Nicole Sorkin with Pacific Book Review

Nicole Sorkin is the Managing Editor of Pacific Book Review, where readers can find reviews of recently published books as well as read interviews with authors. Her team also author publicity to help market your book more effectively.  Nicole Sorkin’s goal is to help authors succeed and will help you strengthen your credibility with a professional book review and give your book the attention it deserves.

If you’re a self-publishing author looking for a professional book review, you can contact Nicole using the information below:


Pacific Book Review
642 Riviera Circle
Nipomo, CA  93444
(805) 440-1787

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Nicole Sarkin on Why Self-Publishing Authors Should Get a Professional Book Review

  1. Hi, Hollie:

    Here’s a response I received directly from Nicole:

    “Dear Hollie,

    It is good to have a book review finished upon release of your book. Some authors allow for the manuscript to be reviewed, thus having a recognizable review excerpt that can be printed on the front or back cover.

    Sell sheets are a contemporary style for your book promotion, however the information is something a prospectus would suffice.

    We at Pacific Book Review can put your author bio and synopsis on the website as part of our promotional package.


    Nicole Sarkin”

  2. Is it best for the self-published author to wait until the book is published and then send an actual book out for review? And, do you require a sell sheet? If so, can you tell me what that is? I hope that wasn’t a silly question. It’s just that I’m new to this process and I’m not familiar with some of the jargon.

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