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What Is a Virtual Book Tour?

A virtual book tour is similar to an actual book tour, although instead of physically traveling from bookstore to bookstore, or radio show to radio show, you and/or your book are making “appearances” in
the blogosphere and on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

This saves time and money because it is much more efficient and cost-effective to “appear” on a blog, a website, or an internet radio talk show, than it is to load up the mini-van and drive from state to state.

And, unlike a physical tour, which is over the minute you leave, a virtual book tour stays archived and available for Internet searches FOREVER!

Outskirts Press has just launched a Virtual Book Tour option for its published authors! With the Virtual Book Tour, we make it easy for our published authors to “book” a blog tour throughout the blogosphere and social networking community! You will reach new audiences and new readers with relatively little effort.

Here’s how it works:

Outskirts Press will announce your upcoming Virtual Book Tour to the blogosphere and solicit interest from bloggers. We will then forward you every inquiry we receive in response to the announcement about your tour. We will also send you a Virtual Book Tour Packet, which includes all of the materials you need to follow-up with the bloggers quickly and easily in order to schedule your “appearance” on their blog, website, or social network. In most cases your appearance
may include a book review and/or an author interview.

While on your Outskirts Press Virtual Book Tour, you will also receive a Spotlight Appearance on our blog, which receives its own announcements on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

That’s not all! Your virtual book tour will be blasted to our entire social network, which means you and your book will receive exposure on:

  • MySpace
  • Linked In
  • Britekite
  • Blogger
  • Jaiku
  • Bebo

…and many more, including our popular YouTube channel where your very own Book Tour Video will be uploaded for viewing.

No matter where you publish, a Virtual Book Tour is a must!  No wonder more and more authors are publishing (and republishing) with Outskirts Press!

Published Outskirts Press authors can get more details or order their Virtual Book Tour by clicking here.

Author Testimonial
“I have learned so much while publishing my book with Outskirts Press. Not only has my book been sold on major retail websites, the marketing choices I have available are outstanding! I have never seen so many ways to market a book with any other self publisher! They did great work on my book trailer as well as various emails, providing tips for promoting my book. The Virtual Book Tour has really helped – putting my book out there on other readers’ blogs helps for exposure.

I now have my second novel sent to Outskirts Press and can’t wait to see this finished product!”

Kelli Sue Landon, author of Sudden Moves: A Young Adult

How do you publish a high-quality, award-winning book and gain access to awesome marketing services like the Virtual Book Tour?

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“I was skeptical at first. But once I made the first move and signed-in to have my book published, I was astounded. Every step of the journey, from first decision to publishing to receiving my first copy, was a pleasant journey that otherwise would have been harder than a second tour in Viet Nam if it had not been for having the staff with me all the way, giving direction and a lot of good advice.I am working on the second book and will have Outskirts Press do my second book. If there is a third it will also be done by Outskirts Press. The way they handle you as an author is above reproach. Thank you for all the help and encouragement I received.” – David Shaffer, author of In To Life

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