Last week our Facebook community members and blog readers were invited to participate in the pricing of Fandemonium, our first Facebook Anthology that is being written and published by our Facebook Fans.   Our Facebook community had already voted on the title and cover for the anthology, as well as the charity to receive the royalties (The American Red Cross).  Over the past 7 days, they’ve been voting on the pricing scenario to apply to the book.

Pricing Scenario #1 was the winner, receiving 53% of the votes.  Here is the screen shot from within the Outskirts Press Publishing Center when the pricing was set for Fandemonium according to your votes:

Whenever authors publish with Outskirts Press, they receive a pricing screen like this, which allows them to increase or decrease elements of their pricing in “real-time” with the “plus” or “minus” buttons.  

One of the major advantages of publishing with Outskirts Press is the control and flexibility you, the author, have over your book’s pricing.   Pricing Scenario #1 sets a retail price of $16.95 for the book, and delivers a whopping $7.38 to the American Red Cross every time a new copy sells through Ingram, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the many, many other sales channels offered by the Outskirts Press Distribution-on-Demand sales network available with the Diamond Publishing Package.

The submissions have all been received and the pre-production steps have all been completed.  Now Fandemonium enters the production stage of the process where the interior is formatted, the cover is finalized, the ISBN is assigned, and the distribution sales channels are established.  Stay tuned in February when the book enters the Galley Proof Review Stage.

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