Psychic Self Defense and ProtectionPsychic Self Defense and Protection, An Energy Awareness Guide, published by Outskirts Press asks readers if they feel adequately protected against attacks from the negative psychic energy around them, explains why these attacks occur, and offers practical tips on how to protect themselves from them throughout each day.

Psychic Self Defense and Protection offers physical actions that themselves provide protection from psychic attacks, teaches visualization processes that defend against such attacks and shows how to maintain or restore the integrity of one’s aura from psychic attacks.  The book also shows readers how to protect both other people and locations from negativity and from energy draining attacks.

“John has presented a straightforward approach to the essential instinct of personal protection…every now and then we need someone to flip a brighter light on even the most obvious of things,” says renowned spiritual medium Charles A. Filius in the foreword to John’s book.

John has discovered that by raising one’s energy awareness and linking one’s energy to positive energy vibrations, one can more easily accomplish what one wants in life without being drained by all the negative energy that exists in the world today.

His book shows his readers how to do that, too.


John Culbertson is a Mason and a Rosicrucian who actively helps people to achieve success and happiness and to believe in themselves.

He is an accomplished New Age teacher, writer and motivational speaker who has taught courses in psychic development and protection, numerology, astrology, tarot, and many other aspects of the New Age field.

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