In Small MeasuresIntrepid Heiress Honors Love, Fights Racism: In Small Measures, Published by Outskirts Press.

Author Lynne Burke’s debut novel mixes romance, mystery and a revealing social history of Australian class and prejudice as a rebellious heiress strives to protect her illegitimate daughter from a criminal underworld and continue to honor the love that so many others feared. Burke’s vast, intricately drawn tale takes readers from the intrigue of the Australian outback through the small country communities that are the lifeblood of the nation as the heiress to the largest fortune in the country fights prejudice and predatory criminals to protect her mixed-race daughter and fight for what’s right — even when everyone else says she’s wrong.

At the age of twenty-one Kristen Todd Harrison, finishing school graduate and heiress to an Australian mega-fortune, has a charmed life mapped out in front of her, but a twelve day tryst with an African-American Marine on leave from Vietnam changes that pampered future.  Following his death and the birth of her daughter, the young mother encounters a hail of prejudice and rejection, including from her own mother, the leader of the Sydney social set and doyen of every charity in town.

Refusing to give up her baby, Kristen seeks quick refuge in a marriage that even more quickly proves to be a disaster and embroils her in the shadowy underworld of criminal elements her husband had been part of.  She flees with her daughter to the physical safety and moral certainty of the outback, but the fear of those who are after her force her to return to the city and finally face the dangerous world she has fled, regardless of what she must do to protect her most precious love, her daughter.

In Small Measures provides readers with a panoramic view of the wide expanse of geography and social values of mid-twentieth century Australia as novelist Burke takes her young heiress on a dramatic journey to honor a love that so few could understand.

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From the age of eleven Lynne Burke was inspired, assisted and encouraged by the author of Knock on Any Door, William Motley, until his death in Mexico in 1965.  Burke wrote In Small Measures, her first novel, between raising a family and a successful career as a professional fundraiser for several leading charities.  She is married, has two grown children and lives in Sydney.  She is currently working on her next novel.

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