Outskirts Press has recently uploaded quite a few improvements to the Publishing Center for our authors. As with anything new, the changes may be a little confusing at first, just because some things are no longer where they used to be. This notice is intended to help you become comfortable with the improvements. Once familiar with the changes, we hope you’ll agree your new Publishing Center is much easier to use.

A “sub-menu” has been added directly below the Tab Menus. The new sub-menu is circled in red in the screen shot below.

Your “Publication Page” will now be the first page you see when entering your Publishing Center or selecting from one of your publications. You can also get back to this Publication page by clicking the “My Publishing Center” link from the new sub-menu.

You will notice that your new Publication Page shows you the cover of your active title. It also has the following iconic menu that allows you to accomplish all the tasks you used to complete with the “arrow buttons” in the previous version.

Order Books – This is where you go to order copies of your published book. You will be purchasing copies of the book shown on your Publication Page. If you wish to change books (for those authors with more than one book) you will first select the appropriate book from the Active Titles menu along the left side of your Publishing Center.
Marketing Options – This is where you go to order marketing services or products, like the popular Marketing Packages that come with an instant 25% savings, or the latest marketing service we just introduced this week. Check out the new Amazon Enhanced Cover option by clicking here.
Your Toolkit – This is a new page, designed to make it easier to see and manage all the services and/or products you have ordered from Outskirts Press, either through your publishing process or through our a la carte Store which now allows you to buy select services for books that you may have published elsewhere. Of course, you’ll always receive a discount on a la carte services for books published through Outskirts Press.
Webpage & E-Book – The “old” toolkit page used to feature all your products or services PLUS the management tools for your author webpage, sales sheet, and e-book (if applicable). Now, the management of your author webpage, sales sheet, and e-book (if you purchased one) can be found by clicking this icon.
Publication Announcement – This is the informative announcement that all new authors should read once their book is published, as it contains important information about marketing, royalties, and distribution.
Reviews Starter Kit – A good place to start pursuing book reviews. We also offer the convenience of our Book Review Submission Service, of course.
Revise Publication – At some point you may decide you want to revise your publication. This is where you go to initiate a post-publication revision to your published book.
10% Referral Commissions – You can earn a 10% commission by referring new authors to Outskirts Press. This page tells you how to set-up your affiliate link and track your leads.

Along with the “My Publishing Center” link on the new sub-menu, you will also notice the following links:

  • My Toolkit – This takes you to your new toolkit page where you can see and manage service or product purchases.
  • My Book Sales – This takes you to a new screen devoted solely to reporting your wholesale book sales activity. Your royalty earnings are reported here.
  • My Book Orders – This takes you to a new screen devoted solely to reporting the book purchases you have made yourself.
  • My Account History – This takes you to a new screen devoted solely to reporting your financial transactions with Outskirts Press.
  • Edit My Profile – This takes you to the screen where you can update your log-in information and your royalty preferences.

We hope you find these changes beneficial. As more sections or choices are added to your Publishing Center, they will appear with their own icons on the Publishing Center Publication Page, so be sure to keep visiting your Publishing Center, and be sure to keep promoting your book.

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