Scapegoat: Targeted for BlameIn his new book on management, Scapegoat: Targeted for Blame, published by Outskirts Press, Dr. Clifton Wilcox shows how scapegoating — the practice of identifying one person, group or object as the source of troubling circumstances — is the quintessential example of a ritual practice that magically shapes the natural world.

Although the individual sacrificed is exiled, the group itself goes on to live another day and its consequent indelibility makes the surviving members a tighter-knit group.  Citing anthropological, historical and psycho-social dynamics, Dr. Clifton offers a thorough and well detailed view of this age old social ritual.

Interestingly enough, scapegoats are unnecessary in times of peace and tranquility.  There is no need then for a group or members of a group to save face.  Only when within a group is there a prevailing sense of chaos, an overwhelming threat, a lack of guidance or a sense of futility, to name a few possible variables, does the mechanism of scapegoating occur.

Dr. Wilcox, a twenty-five year veteran of managerial experience, began to explore scapegoating after watching the January, 2006 AFC playoff game when Mike Vanderjagt failed to make a 42 yard field goal in the final seconds and the Colts lost to the Steelers.  Shortly after that, Payton Manning, the Colts quarterback, called Vanderjagt a “drunken idiot kicker” and soon Vanderjagt was dropped from the team despite his career 85.1% conversion rate.  He had become the team’s scapegoat, the “reason” for their not advancing to the Super Bowl.

From that one event, the idea for Scapegoat: Targeted to Blame was born.  Now, after extensive research and study, the author has laid out in its entirety the mechanism surrounding this important social ritual and its place in the dynamics of human behavior.

Dr. Clifton WilcoxABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Dr. Clifton Wilcox is a Labor Relations Specialist for the federal government in Washington, DC and former college instructor at Ozarka College. He holds a Doctorate degree in Management from the University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona, and an MBA from Webster University, Saint Louis, Missouri. Dr. Wilcox has over 25 years of managerial experience as a former Army aviator and Federal sector manager. Dr. Wilcox regularly speaks on topics involving motivation in the workplaceand issues involving employee attendance/absenteeism.

Dr. Clifton Wilcox lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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