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Instant Children’s Books Make the Perfect Gift Top 5 Headlines
Free ShippingAre you looking for the perfect holiday gift for your child or grandchild? Something they’ll remember forever? 

Or are you looking for a fast, convenient way to “test the waters” with Outskirts Press?

Imagine doing both! You can become a published children’s book author in under 30 days with a pre-written, pre-illustrated story. Best of all, the story is personalized to feature the names of children you know.

You can buy a single copy as a gift for a loved one (perfect for the upcoming holiday season).

Or you can upgrade your book with the popular “Publish it” option whereby your personal book will be available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for other family members to purchase (and you even earn the royalties!)

Free ShippingOrder now in time for the holidays.

Makes a wonderful, unique gift and is a great, affordable way to experience the value and convenience of Outskirts Press–if you haven’t already done so…

3 illustration choices to choose from:

  • An African American main character and friend
  • A Caucasian main character and friend
  • A Caucasian main character and African American friend

A book for a girl…

Click here for the fully illustrated custom children’s book for a girl

A book for a boy…

Click here for the fully illustrated custom children’s book for a boy

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Add an Amazon Kindle Edition Top 5 Amazon Bestsellers
Free ShippingNeed proof that having an Amazon Kindle edition of your book is worthwhile? 

Look over to the right under the “Top 5 Amazon Bestsellers” column. The top 4 books on that list are Kindle Editions.

How’s that for proof?

Even if you published another book elsewhere, Outskirts Press can still help you add a Kindle Edition. Visit our services store to browse everything we offer, or you can add a Kindle edition conveneintly by clicking here.

Published Outskirts Press authors can save 25% on their Amazon Kindle Edition by ordering conveniently from their Publishing Center when clicking here.


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Author Spotlight & Success Story
“When I was searching for a self-publishing company, I looked at a lot of options. Then I looked at company histories. I was impressed with what the OP CEO said about Outskirts exceeding an author’s expectations. That comment and the price structure you offer led me to go OP. I am very happy I did because that is exactly what happened. 

I am very impressed with your whole process. You have an amazing team of people and I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you so much for your excellent service! ” – Dan Gilman, author of Learn to Love Are you ready to experience your own success story?

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