Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Outlook for a Better Life

Author Haile Gebre Egziabher’s newest work provides a solid introduction for those new to the Bible as well as a life affirming exploration of the teachings of Jesus for those who have grown up in the church, but want to progress further in their faith.

Outlook for a Better Life, follows smoothly in the steps of his two previous works that addressed world peace and universal brotherhood.  With these same goals in mind, the author explores the route through self-acceptance to a faith in God in order to make positive changes in oneself and in the world.

Egziabher, a twenty-three year veteran of the World Health Organization, explores the meaning behind essential Christian teachings such as the Sermon on the Mount in order to affirm to readers that self acceptance is the cornerstone for change and that with faith in God anything is possible.

The author shows how, as one embarks on an inner path to joy, liberation and happiness, one’s soul starts to soar on the wings that it needs to overcome the world through faith.  The law of the spirit is higher than the laws of sin and death, and surrender to the Lord, not to the things of the earth, allows one to bring peace into one’s own heart as well as into this turbulent world.


About the Author:

Egziabher’s previous two works, Witnessing and Dream for World Unity, both published by Outskirts Press, provide his readers with a similarly uplifting Christian message as does this latest release, Outlook for a Better Life, which continues his affirmation of the positive influence, personally and globally, of a spiritually oriented life.

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