Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Photographs and Memories

Veteran author Barbara Fifield recently published her second novel, Photographs and Memories, published by Outskirts Press.  Based on the author’s own real life experiences, the book tells of the tragedy of a daughter losing her mother and her husband in quick succession and her discovery of the need to face those losses quietly and alone.

Already burdened by the unplanned move to Florida from New York to take care of her aging parents, Angela discovers that her alcoholic sister Martha is making herself an unrelenting problem to the elderly couple and that she, Angela, and her obliging husband now need to try to rectify the situation. 

Angela and her husband are already struggling with their new jobs and new life after giving up all they had in New York, and their nerves are becoming more and more raw with the strain of dealing with the troublesome Martha when the first tragedy strikes.  Angela’s mother dies unexpectedly. 

Angela turns to her husband for support, but in an even crueler turn of fate, he too passes away.  Now, by herself, Angela must by herself come to terms with her two devastating losses while trying gently to persuade her failing father to enter a nursing home. 

For millions of baby boomers now in similar situations with their own parents, Photographs and Memories will ring true as Fifield convincingly relates the trials of a woman taking care of aging parents and the loss of a parent which this time of life by necessity entails.  It is a moving story, but one with lessons to teach anyone, regardless of age, about coping with the loss of a loved one.

About the Author:

Barbara Fifield is a retired social worker and journalist who has published her poetry widely in newspapers and literary journals. She has also published one book of her collected poems, Passion’s Evidence, as well as one other novel, Lucifer Rising. Ms. Fifield is a member of several writing groups, including the Tomoka Poets and the Ormond Beach Writer’s League. She lives in Port Orange, FL.

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