Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: World Unity

Author of World Unity
Explains Dismantling of Artificial Barriers
to Global Peace

 The second book from author and former United Nations worker Haile Gebre Egziabher explains how a world joined by a common governing framework with God at its center will lead to a peaceful brotherhood of all men.  Culled from his lifelong study of life, literature and Christianity, World Unity offers a compassionate blueprint for saving man from his potential extinction.

Mr. Egziabher worked for twenty-three years as an administrator and Finance and Budget Officer for the World Health Organization and traveled through several continents and many countries during his career.  Through his extensive travel and observation of life, the author was able to gain answers to his two most pressing questions: why did he come to this world, and what contribution did he need to make to it?  World Unity recounts his personal journey to discover how to live a better life personally with togetherness and love. 

The author teaches that the conquest of life and of spiritual life is attained through faith and that with faith everything is possible, even world unity.  Mr. Egziabher has discovered that the boundaries of this world are artificial ones and are created by superiority complexes.  They can be vanquished by living with love.

“It took me years to dream, to read, to think, to chose, and to decide” the message of this book, Mr. Egziabher says.  The message he delivers is a refreshingly hopeful one for man.  His scholarly, yet accessible book is a testament to the positive influence of the spiritually oriented life.

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