Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Denial of Sunlight

In his first novel, Denial of Sunlight, published by Outskirts Press, Robert Troy shows the frighteningly real possibilities for deception and dominance by world powers seeking control over an innovative alternative energy source. In this suspenseful tale of international intrigue, deceitful governments, and subtle romance, Troy’s heroine finds herself trying to preserve a world-saving technology and her own integrity.

Drawing from his background as a PhD in Physics as well as from international events of 2007-2008, author Robert Troy tells the tale of a dangerous international whirlwind surrounding a solar-electric cell technology that could help the world escape fossil-fuel dependence. Developed by a small, eccentric electronics firm, this technology suddenly becomes the focal point for attempts by China and America to control the world’s energy.

Recovering from a professional debacle, Katherine Murkowitz is drawn into this confluence of international intrigue, deception, and unchecked authority, as she recognizes her duty to counter the designs of these global opponents. She is unexpectedly aided by her Chinese counterpart, Sun Xing, who, like Katherine, acts honorably for the good of mankind, not just for his own country’s interests.

“Chinese earthquakes, Special Forces’ ops, big league physics, skullduggery in the halls of power – here’s one powerhouse debut. Troy writes stealth fiction, smart, swift and subversive. Start it at nighttime? You’ll be up until dawn.” So writes Paul Evans, co-author of The Rolling Stone Album Guide in praise of Denial of Sunlight.

Troy’s debut novel is an exciting tale of layered deceptions and international machinations, but it also probes an individual’s choice between opportunity and integrity, and between loyalty to country and adherence to moral principles. In Denial of Sunlight, Troy’s heroine and hero are pressed to find their own, deeper purposes. Acting on these motivations, Katherine and Xing demonstrate the integrity required to face earth-shaking events beyond their control.

About the Author:
A native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Robert Troy holds a B.S. from the University of Scranton and a PhD. from the University of Virginia. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his high school sweetheart and wife, Laura, where they raised their son Andrew. Robert teaches physics at St. Anne’s-Belfield School and in the Summer Session at the University of Virginia.

Denial of Sunlight is his first novel, to be followed by the second segment of the tale, Emergence.

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