Self Publishing Book Spotlight: The Saving of Aris

In author NovaMelia’s new novel, The Saving of Aris, published by Outskirts Press, young Aristophanes Ball seeks to find the truth in life from the fundamental Christianity and the backwoods Florida customs he is born into. Ultimately the sympathetic young hero discovers his destiny is to take him on the surprising path he least expected to travel in order to ensure his own success.

NovaMelia’s novel measures the balance between fate and individuality, between genes and environment, as Aristophanes Ball struggles to learn what leads to good and what leads to bad in his almost primitive life. He has already learned at a young age that he is a “lousy mistake” and that he is the “bag” his mother has been left holding, and although he is constantly in search of further “truth,” he cannot seem to connect causes to consequences.He knows that Max has had his head split wide open, possibly by God himself. He knows that men have their kidneys in their brains. He knows that Pinnochio’s lying is not the reason that he has a long nose, but Aris has become certain that only he himself knows the reason behind his own big nose. When Aris meets Blind John, he teaches him the “truth” that his name is a title, just like King John or Prince John.The Saving of Aris presents the touching story of young Aris’ relentless search for truth amidst this tangle of unreliable ideas he is given from his rural Florida roots. His own fate finally provides him with the one avenue he never expected he would have to explore to find the truth: his own ignorance.

NovaMelia describes with such intimate familiarity the strange and forbidding world of Aris that the reader immediately accepts its reality and ventures through the unusual tale as an intrigued explorer himself for the surprising truth that lies within this new work of fiction.

About the Author:
NovaMelia was born in England and came to the United States when she was seventeen. She attended the University of Pittsburg where she studied Creative Writing and Psychology. Although she has spent many years living in southern Florida, she now resides in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband George.

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