Self Publishing Book Spotlight: West to the Sun

In his new historical adventure novel, West to the Sun published by Outskirts Press, author T.G. Good portrays for his juvenile audience the pioneering spirit in America’s past and shows the sacrifices that made America great and the struggles that any people go through to learn the value of family, friends and faith.

Accompanied by a long line of adventurers, some rich, some poor, some in wagons, some pushing carts, some just walking, the Jedediah Symons family makes its way across the country to Oregon in the 1800’s. They battle disease, hunger and wild animals and through it all eleven year old Jeremiah Symons continually asks himself what he can do to help his family reach Oregon, their new home.

The trek along the Oregon Trail is one of the largest migrations of American people and in some ways defines the American spirit of adventure. From the daily drudgery of walking mile after mile to the excitement of buffalo hunts, to the thrill of seeing mountains reaching the sky, and bighorn sheep battling for primacy, young Jeremiah experiences a different learns what it means to be a man.

Author T.S. Good offers this fictional tribute to the spirit of individuals willing to leave behind a known life to build a new home in the American West. Concerned that there has been too much recent emphasis on the negatives of American history, Good hopes to present to his youthful audience the essentially positive nature of the American spirit.

“Although our national history is not one of total purity,” Good acknowledges, he wants to show people like the Symons family who lived their values and followed their dreams because families like this show the best of the human spirit.

About the Author:

T.G. Good is an attorney residing in the mountains west of Golden, Colorado, with his beautiful wife, Christine, his brilliant daughter, Deborah, and his phenomenal son, Daniel. Like his heroes in West to the Sun, the Goods left behind their eastern home and moved west to pursue their dreams of a different life. Mr. Good’s desire is to teach children the positive nature of the spirit of America.

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