Self-Publishing Authors Participating in the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair (Buchmesse) remains the publishing world’s most important annual book marketing event. Beyond the high-visibility sales and publicity campaigns, much more is going on behind the scenes. A quorum of the world’s international rights agents descend upon Frankfurt in search of fresh and exciting titles. And while larger contracts involving celebrity authors and major publishing houses are negotiated, signed, and announced during the show, the Buchmesse continues to offer an excellent forum for the discovery and contracting of titles from independent publishers. Since Frankfurt is a vital component of the publishing world’s economic engine, simply being part of the scene, on any scale, is sound business. Recognition at Frankfurt is a lesser-known title or author’s first important step onto the global stage.

The following books published by Outskirts Press participated in the Frankfurt Book Fair this year:

Book Fair space is available in limited quantities on a first-come, first served basis.  Outskirts Press authors can save 25% on 4 major book events throughout the year (London, BEA, Beijing, Frankfurt) with the Global Book Tour package.  Or, to register for the 2010 Frankfurt Book Fair a la carte, visit the Marketing Options screen of your author’s center today.

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