Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Holly Hardin

Last week we featured Aurora of the Northern Lights.  Author Holly Hardin recently promoted her book at the Decatur Book Festival and sent us the following video and testimonial.  Keep up the great book marketing work Holly!



This Holly Hardin, author of Aurora of the Northern Lights.

Outskirts Press puts out a top quality product and has a marketing and distribution plan to help their authors reach the success of their dreams.

Their illustrators are phenomenal. My book, Aurora of the Northern Lights, is getting national attention because of it’s beauty and the marketing opportunities available to Outskirts Press Authors.

While other authors are having a hard time getting their book reviewed, I have had over 50 requests for review copies of my book. Not to mention dozens of request for interviews. All due to my Outskirts Press PR campaign.

If you are a picture book author and looking for an independent publisher look no further than Outskirts Press. They have everything you need to turn your dream of being a published author into a reality.

Holly Hardin

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