A Week of Self Publishing Help

Next week is a week you’re not going to want to miss on this Self Publishing News blog. Starting Monday, June 22 and continuing daily through Friday, June 26th  this blog will focus on self publishing terms, misconceptions, theory, and definitions.  Regardless of whether you’re still writing your book, in the middle of the publishing process, or holding a published book in your hand, you’re not going to want to miss this upcoming week of valuable information (with a special, exciting announcement at the end!).

Here’s the schedule. Make a note of it. Tell your friends. Follow us on Twitter to get tweeted with each up-to-the-minute topic.

Monday, June 22: 3 Paths to Publishing: Which Path is Right For You (and why)

Tuesday, June 23:  The difference between the “demand driven” publishing model and the “inventory driven” model

Wednesday, June 24: Understanding the difference (and similarities) between “print-on-demand companies” and “self-publishing companies”

Thursday, June 25: How digital distribution-on-demand book sales and fulfillment works, and why it is advantageous

Friday, June 26: Exciting News!

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