1st Place Award-Winning Comparison

In the 2009 EVVY Book Awards, Outskirts Press author Dawn Menge won 1st place in the Children’s Book category for her wonderful and educational book Queen Vernita’s Visitors, which also recently won a Reader Views Literary Book Award.

Queen Vernitas Visitors by Dawn Menge
Queen Vernita's Visitors by Dawn Menge

This is the 2nd year in a row an Outskirts Press publication has received the 1st Place EVVY Award in the Children’s Book category. Last year, Michael Willert won for his playful and fantastic book Long Neck.

Long Neck by Michael Willert
Long Neck by Michael Willert

In the interest of helping all authors understand what comprises an award-winning book, let’s take a closer look at comparing these two wonderful award-winning Outskirts Press publications:

  Queen Vernita Long Neck
EVVY Award 1st Place 1st Place
Category Children’s Children’s
Author Representative Laura Y. Michelle C.
Title Production Supervisor Jackie B. Lora G.
Original Illustration Package Yes Yes
Illustration Style Dandelion Violet
Publishing Package Package Pearl
Page Count 36 32
Black/White or Full Color Full Color Full Color
Retail Price $12.95 $11.95

Michael Willert, award-winning author of multiple Outskirts Press books including Long Neck, Wanted: Billy the Bear, and The Pirates From Sunrise Cove, has this to say about his decision to publish with Outskirts Press.

“Outskirts Press made the most sense to me. They had the most publishing options to choose from, and when my book was published, it fulfilled all my expectations.”