And Don’t Forget Father’s Day

Father’s Day falls on June 21st this year and provides one of the single most opportune times to promote any number of applicable books.

Publish in time for FATHER’S DAY

A successful book launch has a lot to do with timing.

Savvy authors rely on holidays, anniversaries, or “awareness months” to get the most out of press releases, media events, and book signings.

Some self publishing book categories that make great Father’s Day gifts are:

  • Autobiographies or biographies
  • How-To’s
  • Reference
  • Sports tales
  • Parenting
  • Humor
  • Military/War
  • History

If you have any manuscripts that fall into the above categories, or any applicable category, now is the perfect time to submit your book for publication with Outskirts Press so that it can be published in time for Father’s Day.  Our publishing time frame is about 10 weeks long, but authors have been known to publish their book with us in as little as 3 weeks. It’s entirely up to you.

If you’ve already published a bookfrom among the categories above, mark your calendar now and prepare
for June  21st early.

If you’ve been thinking about publishing a book, now is the time. In fact, no matter what type of book you have, your grandfather, father, husband, or son will love a gift that features you as a published writer!

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