Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

You could win $3,000 cash and promotion in Writer’s Digest and Publisher’s Weekly!

Outskirts Press is already the sponsor and publisher of Writer’s Digest’s annual Writing Competition Collection, which is one of the most renown short story contests in the country.

Now Outskirts Press can help you participate in the Writer’s Digest contest for books, and be eligible to receive your part of over $17,000 in cash and prizes.

International Self-Published Book Awards

 We can take care of all the submission details for you, including the completion of the necessary forms, the entry fee, and the required copies of your book. We will select the most appropriate category for submission from among the category choices listed below.


Simply select Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards Full Submission Service from the Marketing Options screen of your author’s center. This contest is one of three confirmed and vetted awards Outskirts Press recommends as part of its Spring Season Book Awards Submissions, along with the USA Book News Best Books Awards and the Indie Book Awards.

Your book must have a copyright date of 2008 to enter the Writer’s Digest contest through your Author’s Center.

Our deadline for ordering through your Author’s Center is April 1, 2009.


ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be awarded $3,000 cash and promotion in Writer’s Digest and Publishers Weekly. The editors of Writer’s Digest will endorse and submit 10 copies of the Grand Prize-Winning book to major review houses such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. In addition, Book Marketing Works, LLC will provide a one-year membership in Publishers Marketing Association, guaranteed acceptance in a special-sales catalog providing national representation through 1800 salespeople selling to non-bookstore markets, guaranteed acceptance by Atlas Books (a top distributor to wholessalers, chains, independents and online retailers), six hours of book shepherding from Poynter Book Shepherd Ellen Reid and guaranteed review in Midwest Book Review.

10 FIRST-PLACE WINNERS will receive $1000 cash and promotion in Writer’s Digest. In addition, Book Marketing Works, LLC will provide a guaranteed review in Midwest Book Review, a one-year membership to Book Central Station, the eBook Beyond the Bookstore, a Publishers Weekly book by Brian Jud and a copy of Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers by Shel Horowitz.

Plus, all Grand Prize and First Place winners will receive book-jacket seals to promote the award-winning status of their book, promotion on the Writer’s Digest Web site at writersdigest.com, a copy of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 4th Edition by Tom and Marilyn Ross, $100 worth or Writer’s Digest Books and a Notable Award Certificate.

HONORABLE MENTION WINNERS will receive promotion at http://www.writersdigest.com, $50 worth of Writer’s Digest Books and a Notable Award Certificate.

All other entrants will receive Certificates of Participation, a brief judge’s commentary and a listing with a link on the Writer’s Digest Web site, provided an accurate URL is provided.

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  • Mainstream/Literary Fiction
  • Genre Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Inspirational (Spiritual, New Age)
  • Life Stories (Biographies, Autobiographies, Family Histories, Memoirs)
  • Children’s Picture books
  • Middle-Grade/Young Adult books
  • Reference Books (Directories, Encyclopedias, Guide Books)
  • Poetry
  • Humor