Self-Publishing Book Tour: I will get by: As long as I have you by Judith Welsh

Author Judith Welsh is taking her latest book I will get by: As long as I have you on tour — a Virtual Book Tour, that is, with Outskirts Press! Technology has created a wide variety of ways to reach audiences all over the world. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box, and nowadays you can market a self-published book in a variety of affordable and impactful ways. Virtual book tours, for example, are a great way to connect with readers from all corners of the globe, all from the comfort of your own home. Join Judith Welsh and I will get by: As long as I have you as they appear in features and interviews (such as the one below) in the weeks and months ahead!

Luckily for us, Judith was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of I will get by: As long as I have you.

OP: Tell us a little bit about I will get by: As long as I have you. What is it about?

Judith: It’s the third book in my series about Grand Duchess Tatiana and her husband Mikhail this time they travel to the front to pick up his brother’s body and return it to Tambov to bury him next to his wife. While there they learn of the death of Grand Duke Konstantinovich they return to the front to pick up Tsar Nickolas and Alexei to attend to his funeral.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

Judith: I was reading another historical novel and googled something, and Tatiana popped up. While reading it I realized how wrong we had it and decided to tell her story. To give her voice back to her showing she wasn’t the isolated princess as we were led to believe.

OP: How did you get your book published?

Judith: After being rejected by several publishers a friend told me about Outskirts Press. I went with them and they’ve held my hand through the publishing process. I couldn’t be happier I’ve learn so much.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

Judith: I think the readers who would enjoy this series are ones that are interested in history with a different twist. For years the people in power have written they’re own history to show themselves in a positive light ignoring the truth. Then there are others who claim differently and present the facts that aren’t quite true. You have to look at both and somewhere in between is the actual truth.

OP: What is special about your book?

Judith: I present and talk about mental health issues. For example, I believe Empress Alexandra suffered from Post Traumatic Syndrome with an emphasis on depression and some sort of Anxiety disorder. She lost her mother at the tender age of seven during a diphtheria outbreak. Then spent most of her vacations and holidays with Queen Victoria. During her withdrawal from the world that must have had a profound impact on her. Her behavior when Alexei had a bleed most certainly had an impact on her four girls. She was often over-heard berating them for something they did whether it was real or not. It’s known she would be the only one who would nurse Alexei until she fell from exhaustion with debilitating headaches. I think her Anxiety disorder was a fear of leading. Imagine you’re one of the crowds than your actually leading the crowd. One that is made up of people who either outright hate you and spread lies and disinformation about you.

OP: What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

Judith: That’s a tuff question I think it’s because I’ve added fantasy characters for example Father Benedikt, Geyl, and the imps Makar and Iosif. I really have fun with them and they’ll appear more in the series. I’ve also added bumbling thieves Ioakim and Boirya when I introduce the old man. Believe me you haven’t seen the last of them.

OP: Have you published any other books?

Judith: Yes, the first three books in what is now a series.

OP: Do you plan to publish more?

Judith: Absolutely I’m working closely with my editor on the next book in the series, which I hope to publish in the spring. It’s about what was going on in Russia just before the Revolution which includes Rasputin’s murder. Not to mention what happens to Prince Nikita and the trials he experiences; the last book will end in 2008.

OP: Thanks for your time, Judith! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!


Judith Welsh is a retired Clinical Social Worker. She and her husband live on the seacoast of New Hampshire, where they enjoy wildlife and natural beauty.

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