Author Poll: The Layman, the writer of the narrative: Poignant Letter to My Fellow Americans, wants your help with his cover in a Survey Poll

The Layman is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press, and wants your help deciding his upcoming book cover.

Book Summary:

The Layman is introducing a fascinating interpretation of the Founding Fathers ultimate intent to answer an age-old question with the designing the Constitution of the United States, by providing a provocative series of narratives.  The first of the series of narratives proffers an informed look at some of the key sufficiencies and insufficiencies of the components that have led the People of the Union to the edge of an abyss, that will cost the Body of the Whole of the People of the Union to lose what maybe the greatest Democracy ever founded on this globe. And also endeavors to give an adequate answer to all the counterarguments which shall make their appearance, that may seem to have any claim to the readers attention.

For upon answering that age-old question, the Founding Fathers provided the Body of the Whole of the People of the Union with the answer to that age-old question and the much-needed Key to the balance between our Liberties and the Power endowed in the Government. The Layman points out clearly, that which provides for and is meant to guides the Moral Conscience and Course of the Nation.

Follow this modern-day profound narrative provided by the greatest Oracle of Wisdom: Experience, and enunciated by the Layman, as he points out the three intricate bonds held between the Body of the Whole of the People, which are wholly linked to the bonds established by the Constitution, as he ask poignant questions, to be answered deep in the hearts of every individual, all of whom form the greatest resource of the Union.

About the Author:

The Layman has spent 30-year of his life in military service to the Nation with the United States Army, defending the instrument that forms the Foundation Bedrock of the American Democratic Society.  This is his passionate heartfelt letter to the Whole of the People of the Perpetual Union of States, Territories and Possession, expressing his belief that a great multifaceted and monumental danger, now threatens the very instrument that provides for the Freedom and Liberties of the Whole of the People that have consented to be Governed, that have granted the Power endowed in the Federal Government.  This is his unwavering attempt to hold the line at the bridgehead of Freedom, a beacon long-ago provided to the world by the Founding Fathers.

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