Author Poll: Gary Tutty Wants Your Help With Choosing A Cover

Gary Tutty is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press, and wants your help deciding his upcoming book cover.

Book Summary:

Have you ever wondered from just what gospel our political leaders, who proudly proclaim they are devout Christians, get their inspiration when they espouse hate and intolerance and seek revenge on anyone who disagrees with them.How about those self–proclaimed Christian business leaders who show no respect for their workers and work hard to not pay them a living wage or give them benefits. And what about those fiery evangelicals who are complicit with these leaders by their silence or avid support. Wonder no longer! In the satirical novel The Discovery of the Secret Gospel of the Rich and Powerful: the Gospel of Saint Avarice, you will find that very gospel. You meet a Jesus, whom these leaders are emulating. He teaches his apostles how to mock others, to never admit guilt, and to create their own version of truth. You will finally realize that so many of our leaders, who proudly proclaim their Christian Faith, are not at fault at all, but are actually doing God’s work.

About the Author:

Gary Tutty is a retired Superintendent of Schools. During his career, he taught English at the high school and college levels. Between his years as a teacher and an educational leader, he was a medical salesman, sales trainer, and sales manager for a major company. He is also the author of The Sins of Father Riley. He lives in upstate New York and Newport Beach, California.

Please take a look at the two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend.

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