Best St. Patrick’s Day Books in Self-Publishing

Children’s Fiction ~ O’Shaughnessey

“Bobby Mahoney awoke one morning to find a leprechaun sitting on his bedpost.”

And so begins the adventure.

The leprechaun is called O’Shaughnessey because that’s the name the little fellow’s chosen for himself and because his faerie name is virtually unpronouncable by humans.

Bobby flies in the leprechaun’s magical tricorn hat into the deep woods to meet the crusty, antisocial O’Sullivan with his hoard of gold, to the Cave where the Ban-Shees dwell, and to the Mountain of Shadows, where is kept the dreaded Coach-a-Bower, the Deathcoach.

Author Jeremy McGuire weaves the invisible realms seamlessly with Bobby’s real world where he experiences the divorce of his parents, and the illness of his little sister, each world influencing and being influenced by the other.

Is O’Shaughnessey real or an imaginary friend?


Critics and the reading public both have hailed “O’Shaughnessey” as a classic in the making, a thrilling adventure and a fun read for all ages, with a few life lessons stuck in between the lines.


Personal Memoirs ~ A Child’s Heart

In the voice of a sassy little girl named Rosie, Ann tells stories of a daunting childhood in an immigrant community. Moving in and out of a world filled with unsuspecting authority figures, Rosie sees more in situations than grownups do and takes full advantage of her insight.

Rosie tells stories of adults at an Irish party, how World War II felt to a five year old, a disastrous home perm, her ardent pursuit of the Miss America Crown, followed by many others.

Readers from ten years old to a hundred and ten relate to Rosie as someone to love, to laugh with and see in her, something of their own humanity.


Fantasy Fiction ~ The Brooklyn Leprechaun 

It’s up to a Brooklyn teenager to save her family’s land in Ireland, expose a murderer, stop terrorist activity, and begin training to save the entire faeire race from the evil influence of Morrigan, the Goddess of War-with a little help from a handsome wizard and a British secret agent-all while on a two-week vacation!

Bridget is a street-smart Brooklyn girl who is surprised to find that she has inherited land overseas. She sets off to explore her new Irish holdings, but with relatives like the former queen of all faeire, the king of the leprechauns, and an eccentric aunt, Bridget finds her Irish vacation more than she can handle. That is, until a Brittany spaniel teaches her to focus, trust, and, most of all, let go of her fear. Adding to Bridget’s worry is the damage that cow patties, office break-ins, and ancient fairy catacombs can do to a nice pair of Jimmy Choos…

With adventure, mystery, and wry humor, The Brooklyn Leprechaun is a mad romp from the streets of Brooklyn to the myths and legends of the Irish countryside. 


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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