Run the Company [Poll]: Help Outskirts Press Choose the Next Book Marketing Option We Launch

Decisions, decisions … Sometimes we don’t relish making them, and other times (like now) we just enjoy bouncing ideas around. That’s why Outskirts Press is asking you for help making a very important decision: What new self-publishing book marketing option should we launch next?

In the past, your input has guided us to introduce things like our Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week and iPad/iPhone Premium Edition. Once again, we need your feedback to determine what new product or service we might offer this year that is most valuable to you in your book marketing efforts.

Below are five options we have been asked by authors to add to our repertoire of book marketing services. Since every option Outskirts Press releases takes a great deal of time and resources to develop, test and administer, it would be difficult to launch them all at once. So tell us — which of these options do you think we should launch first?  Read through them and submit your vote in the poll below.

  1. RTIR (Radio-TV-Interview Report) Ad Placement: Let Outskirts Press help you advance your book marketing efforts by getting your name in front of valuable media movers and shakers. RTIR is a subscription trade publication that goes to more than 4,000 radio and television producers across the United States and Canada three times each month. Each issue lists 100-150 authors and other spokespeople who are available for live and in-studio interviews. Your ad in RTIR will include a contact person and phone number interested radio/TV producers can use to arrange interviews. That kind of publicity can generate great interest in your book!
  2. Package of Paid Book Review ServicesGetting a book review from a recognized source can be one of the biggest challenges for authors. Outskirts Press can get you not only one review with this option, but THREE (in a bundled package for 25% off the a-la-carte pricing). These are guaranteed reviews from renowned critics from Kirkus Reviews, Blue Ink Reviews and ForeWord Clarion Reviews.  These 3 publications will provide 100% honest feedback that you can use as either a promotional tool or to improve upon future writings.
  3. US Review of Books: Receive a guaranteed review and get your book in front of 13,000+ professional book reviewers. Inclusion in the US Review of Books provides inexpensive access to professional book reviewers willing to give consideration to good books that might otherwise get overlooked. These thoughtful reviews provide you with a valuable tool in the subsequent marketing of your book
  4. AudioBook Formats: Outskirts Press can get your book into yet another emerging segment of the publishing market with a professionally produced audio version for the “reader” on the go. AudioBooks bring your words to life, opening up new worlds for book buyers — and new revenue streams for you.
  5. Google Books Submission: This quickly growing Google service benefits authors and readers in a number of ways. First, submitting your book to Google Books opens up a new avenue for you to get your work in front of millions more book buyers and borrowers. But Google Books also allows authors to make previews or snippets of their books available to readers — enough to whet a reader’s appetite for more! Let Outskirts Press get you into this valuable, burgeoning book marketplace.

It’s up to you now. What option should we launch first? This poll closes on January 19th, so give us your input before then!


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