Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

In a perfect world, an author could simply take his manuscript to the publisher of his choice and let the publisher turn his book into a huge success. He could collect a fat advance for his years of labor and a percentage of future sales, while the publishing house takes care of the marketing.

But let’s face it, the six-figure book advance is a distance dream for all but a scant few authors with either a Self publishing iPadproven track record in book sales or a degree of notoriety that virtually ensures blockbuster book sales. And even those book deals carry a certain amount of risk for the publisher, who must gamble marketing dollars as wisely as possible on new manuscripts in the hope that the gamble will pay off.

Yes, a book advance and a marketing team would be nice, but remember there are disadvantages to traditional publishing as well. First, if you’re one of the lucky few to snag a contract, it could be many months, even years, before your book ever hits the shelves. (This is after many months or years of peddling the book from one publisher to the next.) In the meantime, you’ll need to contend with an editor or editorial team whose vision for your book may not be compatible with your own. While you’re focused on telling a story that’s close to your heart, an editor or marketer may be more interested in what translates into dollars.

Ultimately those issues of time and freedom are the deciding factors that draw people to self-publishing. That manuscript you finish just before New Year’s Day could be selling on Amazon by Easter. The characters and story you so carefully crafted will never be at the mercy of an editor who doesn’t share your vision, or a marketing guru who wants to cater to a certain audience.

When you self-publish, you are your own publisher. You do assume more of the risks upfront — paying for your own printing, and paying for marketing services if you choose — but you reap more of the rewards. You produce the book you envisioned with absolute creative freedom. And if you choose the right self-publishing company, you can even keep 100% of your profits.

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