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Rift Valley: A Novel

by Reeve Abraben

(4.5 Stars – 13 Customer Reviews)

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Reeve Abraben’s “Rift Valley: A Novel.” “A dramatic and suspenseful novel … replete with adventure, suspense, romance, a sexy surgeon, and a modern-day goddess of the hunt, Rift Valley, provides a riveting readable experience.” -Ellis Amburn. Set in one of the world’s most exotic and dangerous locales, the Great Rift Valley, this is the story of Dr. Paul Bennett, a handsome and brilliant surgeon whose confidence is shattered by a circumstance wrought by his own poor judgment. Undertaking the perilous safari in Kenya at the time of the Emergency–a bloody rebellion against British colonialism–Dr. Paul at last experiences healing for a deep psychic wound, as well as the love of a beautiful and fiercely independent woman. Rift Valley is an all-encompassing novel which spans the fictional spectrum and cannot be buttonholed into any particular genre. It represents key elements drawn from action-adventure to romance to medical to historical.

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