Self-Publishing a Full-Color Book for Children Just Got Easier

Outskirts Press, the fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company, announced today its new “One-Click” publishing package for authors of children’s books.  The publisher has created a simple one-click package that offers a cornucopia of production, distribution and marketing services for one affordable price, based upon the services that have proven to be the most popular and successful for children’s book authors.

“Our new, all-inclusive One-Click package is a smooth, stress free way for children’s book authors to avoid unnecessary problems and to simply publish the book of their dreams,” said Outskirts Press Vice President, Kelly Schuknecht.  “It’s never been faster, more convenient, or more affordable to publish a full-color, fully illustrated children’s book.”

The One-Click Children’s book package from Outskirts Press includes fifteen full-color, custom illustrations as well as a full-color custom cover for both a perfect bound paperback and laminated case bound format.  Professional cover scribing and copyediting for up to 15,000 words are also part of the One-Click package.

During and after production, Outskirts Press handles the myriad essential details that need to be taken care of to assure widespread, competent distribution.  For instance, Outskirts Press handles the official copyright registration, the assignment of a Library of Congress number, the book’s barcode and the tagging of a Private Label ISBN that can either be Outskirts Press’ or the author’s own imprint.

The publisher secures unlimited worldwide distribution-on-demand through Ingram to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books-a-Million and literally thousands of other book outlets.  When applicable, Spring Arbor Christian distribution of the book is also available as part of the package.

The final components of this extensive publishing package are the marketing and promotional services that place the book brightly in the public eye.

In addition to the standard publication press releases which are sent out, the publisher commissions a custom press release for each One-Click book and this custom release is distributed to hundreds more media outlets with professional PR phone-call follow-up.  A professional quality, 60 second book promotion video is also created and distributed to popular internet viewing channels such as YouTube and the book is given “face out” exposure at the renowned Bologna Children’s Book Fair.  Finally, five hours of personal one-on-one marketing assistance are provided, in addition to the Marketing COACH tips the One-Click author will receive via email for two years after publication.

Everything that every children’s book author has ever wished for has suddenly come true with this remarkable and surprisingly affordable package that is available as of today through Outskirts Press.  Authors ready to begin publishing their own Children’s book can get started now at