Another Movie is in the Works for another Outskirts Press Author

Not too long ago, we shared the exciting news of Outskirts Press author Skip Stover and how his book was being turned into a movie. And shortly thereafter we announced the TNT Mini-series starring Chris Pine, which was based upon Fauna Hodel’s memoir One Day She’ll Darken.

Self-publishing author Stephen S. Janes is now the latest Outskirts Press author to join those exclusive ranks. His book The Prayer Wheel Odyssey is currently in pre-production.


The Fate of the World Is in One Woman’s Hands…

A man climbs the fence at the White House and is shot to death. A passerby, a young American Everyman, finds a document fallen at the site of the tragedy. Suddenly, his life changes beyond his capacity to imagine – for this document is of crucial importance to the shadowy and subterranean forces that rule the world in the barely known realm at the peripheral vision of the ordinary citizen. But the powerful figure at the center of this web is anything but ordinary. She is a modern Medea: brilliant, ruthless, who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And our Everyman – drawn into a mythic hero’s quest – must thwart her, or the world will pay the price. Brilliantly crafted from the political and environmental realities we face, The Prayer Wheel Odyssey is a uniquely spellbinding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat while it opens your eyes to what could happen to our planet if just one mistake is made… or just one person tips the balance for personal gain.

“The Prayer Wheel Odyssey” is described as “a uniquely spellbinding thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat while it opens your eyes to what could happen to our planet if just one mistake is made…or just one person tips the balance for personal gain.”

Sounds like a good movie, doesn’t it? Los Angles based talent management company Harris Management thought so and put the wheels in motion. Click here to read the full press release.

We caught up with Mr. Janes to discuss his success:

Q: Why did you decide to write The Prayer Wheel Odyssey?

Janes: I have always been concerned about reliance on fossil fuels as our primary energy resource, not only because that supply will one day be exhausted but because of what its products appear to be doing to the health of people and of the planet. After some reflection, writing a book seemed to be the best approach for expressing my views. I decided to publish the book myself. I knew the book would have to be worth reading and I wanted it to be a work of fiction based on a number of relevant facts. I wrestled at length with how best to write a novel that would hold reader interest while conveying a message in an entertaining manner. An action/adventure storyline was the solution I settled on and after considerable research I determined that Outskirts Press would be my best resource for publication and support services.

Q: Tell us about the plot . . . what happens? 

Janes: A woman and a man face off in a struggle that may have implications for the welfare of life on the planet. The woman is the modern-day Medea, she of ancient Greek mythology, searching for something of incredible value. She is ruthless, cunning, and has resources and connections beyond those of most world leaders. He is Everyman, young and somewhat naïve, thrown into a battle of wits simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the center of their contest is a document resulting from the work of one of the world’s greatest chemists centuries ago. That chemist was a real person and the novel is based on some of his work as well as that of his son at the behest of a Russian Czar. The storyline, reflected in the title of the novel, follows the path of that document from the late 1700s to now.

Q: Tell us about the process of getting your book turned into a movie…? 

I participated in the Outskirts Press Book Awards Program and received a professional book review that I shared with others, including a close friend, Sharon Justice, who had read and commented on the manuscripts for my books. She shared that book review with Earnest Harris of Harris Management in Los Angeles. He expressed interest in the book, so I sent him both books that I have published with Outskirts Press. Mr. Harris indicated after reading The Prayer Wheel Odyssey that it should be made into a feature film. He agreed to become Executive Producer for the film and to shepherd the book through the process involved in making the movie. I feel fortunate that Earnest Harris agreed to write the screenplay himself.

Q: Why will The Prayer Wheel Odyssey make a great movie?

 Janes: I believe it will make a great movie. Some readers have indicated that this book is one of the best mystery stories they have read. Their comments centered not only on the plot line but on the intrigue and action involved as the story progresses. I wrote it almost visualizing it as a movie, each scene and every confrontation guided by what I saw happening as I wrote. As other writers well know, the outline for the book was often outpaced by the characters as they developed. I am anxious to see what those characters do on a big screen.

So are we, Stephen. Congratulations on your remarkable success!