Author Poll: Robert Collins Wants Your Help With Choosing A Cover

Robert Collins is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press, and he wants your help deciding his upcoming book cover.

Book Summary:

“Business Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” i.e. reinvent or create a business for these changing times

Are you interested in creating a vision-based culture that results in team members of your organization being highly charged and focused on success? Are you searching for ideas on how to gain more firepower and engagement from your employees? Is your business in need of a shakeup, or outright turnaround to improve performance, or ideas on accelerating performance?

Vision Powered Management (VPM) provides real world “how to” ideas that address these questions. Turnaround expert Bob Collins provides a roadmap, with actionable steps, based on his years of experience delivering solid results with VPM.

In these pages you will discover:

  • The “why” and “how” of inspiring your organization or team with vision.
  • The action steps necessary when taking on a new leadership assignment.
  • Gaining acceptance and enthusiasm for the new vision by your team/organization.
  • Bob Collins’ 7 pragmatic steps for implementing a top down culture shift.
  • How to unleash the personal performance capacity (and increase employee engagement) of your team.
  • Tools and methods to meaningfully communicate your organizational progress.
  • How to create your own leadership assessment tool and where to focus on areas needing improvement.
  • EQ’s [Emotional Quotient] role in your development as a leader.

About the Author:

Robert (Bob) Collins, Manhattan College, and winner of its Centennial Award for “Most Outstanding Engineering Graduate”. Bob was a Vice President of GE and led its Factory Automation business. He was active in promoting the modernization of factories including the creation of high involvement work forces as the means for improving productivity and operational efficiencies. He published in excess of 60 articles on those subjects and was considered and expert in the industry. Those experiences are detailed in his “how-to book”, along with prescribed steps, on how to transform and successfully manage businesses facing the challenges of tomorrow’s business world.  Bob and his wife Andrea spend time in Marco Island, FL, Charlottesville, VA, and Camden, ME and they are the proud parents of four children and nine grandchildren. They are members of the Island Club in Marco Island, the Megunticook Golf Club of Rockport, ME and the Camden, ME  Yacht Club.

Please take a look at the two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend.

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Cover A

Cover B