Top Apps for Writers: Blogging and Social Media

Although writing is usually done solo — or at best, in very small groups — it is at its core a social medium. That is to say, we write to express human ideas, to reach out, to change thoughts, feelings and opinions, and to explore our humanity. So, who says you should do all that in a vacuum?

We’ve talked about mobile applications that help you generate thoughts, commit them to “paper” and even stay on schedule. Now, we’ll talk about apps that help you, the writer, stay connected and exchange ideas social while you do it.


The beauty of the WordPress mobile app is not just in its functionality; it’s in the immediacy and sense of urgency the app lends to an otherwise static medium. Imagine: Rather than simply writing a retrospective essay on an inspiring trip, you can also place your readers and friend in the very midst of what excites you as it happens. You can’t always do that from a desk. The ability to have meaningful, immediate exchanges with commentors on your blog means you strengthen your online presence — and your following!


Simple and straightforward, the Blogger app is another great tool for creating short blog posts on the fly, or viewing and managing existing posts.


We love the ease of use and the variety of things you can share when you microblog with Tumblr. With six input options — text, photos, video, links, quotes and audio — you can quickly post everything from book cover ideas, audiobook snippets, favorite verses and more.


You thought we’d say Facebook or Pinterest mobile apps? Well, yes, get those too! Anything that lets your share the here and now with lots of people is a good thing when you’re building a following. TweetCaster does that by putting the full functionality of Twitter in hand. However, what we adore most about TweetCaster is the ability to retweet posts with your own comments, a feature you won’t actually find on the full website!


Got a book in the works? Start promoting now with Pinterest! It’s the perfect way to bring a project to life visually for potential readers. Create pinboard for past books, and then get readers excited about your upcoming project by sharing location shots, possible cover art, photos of actors you feel embody your main characters and more.

Keep an eye on this blog for more apps for writers. Next time, we’ll discuss applications you can use to store and track your writing. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you about your favorite creative apps and the unique ways you’ve put them to work!

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