Entrepreneurs, Invest in Yourself by Writing a Book!

woman sitting on gray chair while writing on table

Entrepreneurs love a new idea—after all, it’s what makes you . . . you, no matter what your field of expertise.

Outskirts Press has a great new idea for you: write a book! It really pencils out—for you and your business.

Get to Know Your Brand

Writing a book requires you to think critically, carefully, and thoroughly about what you do, why, and how you’ve positioned yourself. While outlining, researching, and writing, you pay a new level of attention to who your customers are, what they need from you, and how your business helps them above and beyond the competition. That level of introspection will translate into building a better brand.

Add to Your Credibility

Few things say, “I’m an expert on X,” like a book does. And entrepreneurs trade in credibility. You’re presenting something new, often solo, perhaps even without a long track record in that exact field behind you. The only way you can convince people to join you—as customers or investors—is if you can fast-track yourself to credibility. Then, when you point someone to your book, they will assume you have done the work and put in the time to know something about this topic.

Increase Investment and Sales

  • Entrepreneurs often rely on outside investors to help them get their business up and running or inject a momentarily stalled idea with some much-needed financial relief. And, of course, all entrepreneurs require a steady stream of new and loyal customers or clients to keep their business afloat. A book will help you do just that.
  • If you have customers lining up outside the literal or figurative door, you have customers who would appreciate your product or expertise no matter where they are or what time of day it is. They will want to buy your book in addition to buying your main offering.
  • Investors and customers have many options, no matter how unique your product or service is. Make it easy for them to choose you by showing them who you are with a book you can give away or sell as a low-cost entry to your work. Let them “hear” your voice—your humor, your communication style, your thoughtfulness—and take their time to really understand your perspective.
  • Stand out from the crowd in other ways, like by offering a copy or excerpt of your book instead of a business card or other swag at an event. No branded magnet, pen, or chocolate bar speaks as loudly or lasts as long (after all, that chocolate is eaten and the wrapper tossed before the next disappointing conference or tradeshow-boxed meal is over) as a book.
  • Stay top of mind by making a place for yourself on your target audience’s bookshelf. As an entrepreneur, you know how precious your time is, and there’s never enough of it for all the tradeshows you could attend, all the cold calls you could make, all the doors you could knock on, and all the customers or clients you could serve. A book means you never turn your “open” sign to “closed.”
  • Attract the media. The 24/7 media always needs stories and experts to comment on stories. Publishing a book may be a story to the right media outlet, or it may position you as an expert so that when they need someone at a moment’s notice to respond to an unfolding story, they’ll know to reach out to you. Earn free advertising for your business by talking about your book.

Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence

As a published author, you’ll not only have an extra line on your CV, but you’ll also be able to connect with different groups on LinkedIn, widening your network of people who may end up interested in your business’s product or service.

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