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The Diverse Artistic Universe of George H. Rothacker: A Memoir with Pictures

by George H. Rothacker

(5 Stars – 7 Customer Reviews)

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George H. Rothacker’s “The Diverse Artistic Universe of George H. Rothacker: A Memoir with Pictures.” How important is DNA to the development of an individual as opposed to the teachings he or she receives throughout his life? George Rothacker addresses this and other aspects of his personal development as he takes you on an artistic journey from childhood to a lifetime in the profession of art, design and creative thinking that has endured for more than 50 years. The memoir offers the reader a glimpse into the influences of his two artistic parents, and maternal grandmother who strove to elevate her family beyond the working classes. It also provides a portfolio of the development of the artist/writer own work, and the insights into the choices he made, and the people and circumstances who guided him throughout his career. “Those who are not both blessed and tortured by an artistic nature often don’t understand the jagged and often impractical path taken by a people in the arts,” says the author. “It has taken me to the last segment of my life to see the precipices upon which I walked throughout many of my years, and how fortunate I was to survive and realize the dreams imagined by my maternal grandmother.”

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