Introducing Self-Publishing Author Jody R. Hill, Ph.D’s Book Video Trailer for “Celebrating the Seasons of Life”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Celebrating the Seasons of Life (published by Outskirts Press, September 2022), by Jody R. Hill, Ph.D..

Are you ready to celebrate your life?

Do you know and practice the purpose of your life? Do you know the meaning of life in relation to God’s design specifically for you? Have you embraced the changes along your path as time, circumstances, and conditions change? Author Jody Hill helps the reader discover for themselves God’s plan in any and every season of life. Natural seasonal changes occur because the Earth is tilted on its axis by 23.5° The tilt’s orientation with respect to the Sun does not vary during the year, so that in relation to where I live, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun in June (Summer Solstice) and away from the Sun in December (Winter Solstice). The other two seasons happen in September (Autumnal Equinox) and in March (Vernal Equinox). The seasons of life are about transformation and change in moving forward. Most often our lives transition effectively when we remain steady in orientation to God from one set of conditions to another. Every experience helps us to learn, mature, and become strong. Celebrating the Seasons of Life is a book that can help you discover your purpose and meaning in life. This book explores the natural cycles of life and how they play a key role in your personal growth. Come, celebrate the seasons of life!

Jody R. Hill, Ph.D.

Born in Ravenna, Ohio, Jody Hill received his call to ministry in 1977 at the age of 20, just six months after he began his walk with Christ. He is a graduate of Malone University, in Canton, Ohio and Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburg, Indiana. Jody Hill, Ph.D., is a pastor, chaplain and biblical counselor who has invested his entire career in equipping people to thrive in their Christian life. He has devoted many years studying the scripture, sharing the principles of God’s Word so that people find holistic benefit. Hill resides in Alliance, Ohio, where he currently works as the Director of Spiritual Care in the local hospital. He and his wife, Anne, have five adult children and thirteen grandchildren. Jody has traveled overseas to Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and Jamaica. He has worked among the indigent in the United States and abroad. In addition to traveling, he enjoys wildlife, pencil drawing, water color painting and writing.

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