Introducing Self-Publishing Author Wayne Detzler’s Book Video Trailer for “Philippians: A Preacher’s Commentary”

Philippians: A Preacher's Commentary
With Reference to the Greek Text
by Wayne Detzler

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for “Philippians: A Preacher’s Commentary” (published by Outskirts Press, August 2022), by Wayne Detzler.

This commentary is designed for those who preach sermons of biblical exposition.

While under house arrest as a prisoner in Rome around 62 AD, the Apostle Paul wrote a letter of joy and thankfulness to the clergy and the believers of Philippi. Despite his own hardships, he shared that he had found contentment in every circumstance—and the secret to his contentment was based on knowing Jesus Christ. Paul encouraged believers to rejoice in the Lord (4:4), be strong in the Lord (4:13), and trust in the Lord’s provision (4:19). Philippians: A Preacher’s Commentary is designed for those who preach sermons of biblical exposition, and represents the life work of the author, who for more than fifty years has studied, preached, and taught the book of Philippians. This book will be a helpful component of the reader’s devotional life and is meant to be shared with others for their encouragement. And God shall ever and always have all the glory.

Wayne Detzler

Dr. Wayne Detzler was ordained to ministry in 1960. Since that time he has engaged in pastoral ministries in Europe, England, China, and the United States. In each case he has preached biblically expository messages.

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