Introducing Self-Publishing Author Peggy Jo Henry’s Book Video Trailer for “Curious: Are my Stories about Morals?”

Curious: Are my Stories about Morals?
by Peggy Jo Henry

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Curious: Are my Stories about Morals? (published by Outskirts Press, April 2022), by Peggy Jo Henry.

My book is fiction and nonfiction

It is a collection of short stories and poems with a twist. These are the facts about my unique book. It is a puzzle, controversial, confusing, short, helpful, collectable, and I am not famous. You will find no other book like this in the world. Communication, how do I convey popular subjects to you, the reader, in a way that can be interesting and at the same time entertaining? Some stories are serious, and others are not. I talk about me, suicide, mental illness, taking care of the earth, addictions, and obsessions. Like I said there is a twist to my book. Let us say you are interested in the entertainment business and like to watch and listen to a wide variety of movies and songs and like brain games. Well, this is the book for you. You go through finding hidden movie and song titles. There are 775 movie, television series, and documentary titles and 343 songs. That is over a thousand. Believe it, you can find this stuff in everyday language. That is not all. I have eight similarities with a popular Oscar nominated actor. The similarities intertwine with my book, so you can tie our lives together with. What does that make him, a soulmate? I use these similarities to help you find out who he is. I have added twenty-three clues to help you get to know him and see his interests and accomplishments. That makes thirty-one clues in all which makes it downright fun. Who is the actor? You would be surprised. Who wants to know more about a famous actor? We have all done it, looked up entertainers we are interested in on the internet. Are you a Sherlock or trivia sleuth? Play on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can play at airports, coffee houses, and appointments. Do you have to wait? Then you have the time. Are you entertainment savvy enough to play the game? You can play with friends and family to see who can find the most titles. It is paperback so easy to carry and not too heavy. Just to let you know, I can do this because titles, names, short phrases, expressions, and ideas are not protected by copyright laws. Have a positive day and happy hunting.

Peggy Jo Henry

Peggy Jo Henry

I’m a divorced lady with two children. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar since 1997 which is now controlled with medication. I’ve had three psychotic delusional episodes where I thought I had exceptional powers, and two I was admitted to a lockdown mental institution. I had a suicide attempt in 1996 which I tried to take the lives of my children without consequences. I’m not sure how my book is going to help people, but I hope it does.

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