Soaring to Great Heights

Here at Outskirts Press, we’ve long known author Andrew Ceroni as a person who strives for—and reaches—impressive levels of success.

After all, we’ve helped him publish an incredible five suspense thrillers, and his sixth, David’s Sling, is due out with Outskirts Press this month.

He’s also been awarded an Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year—an impressive four times.

Over these years, we’ve come to know Andrew. He has a top-notch education with the US Air Force Academy and Case Western University, and he served as a senior special agent working in counterespionage and antiterrorism. He’s also a happy resident of Colorado, and we agree this beautiful state is a wonderful place to be based!

Now, he’s impressing us once again. World of Aviation, a radio show out of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, which broadcasts to select radio stations nationwide, interviewed Andrew in March. They asked him to draw on his diverse air force experience, from the academy to the Office of Special Investigations, to discuss Ukraine and the many interconnected global facets of the war. “It was an exhilarating experience,” Andrew said.

It’s also an experience he’s used to putting himself through while writing. In crafting his award-winning novels, he rounds out the fiction with factual details from his own education and career experience. Thanks to that, his realistic-based thrillers truly soar! We’re grateful that Andrew always brings us along on his flights above the clouds. As he’s said, “Outskirts Press is simply the very best and at the top of the world of independent publishers.” It’s soaring authors like Andrew who help keep us up there!

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